Learn The Technical Skills You Need To Get More Clients!

Attention Virtual Assistants
& Online Business Managers


More and more people are growing tried of the "rat race" and starting their own online business every day!

What does this mean to you?

It means there is a HUGE need for highly skilled Virtual Assistants, especially Technical ones!

Now... don't let the word "Technical" scare you.

  • You don't have to be a "techie" to learn the tools that client's are looking for.
  • You don't have to learn how to code either!
  • You do need to have more than administrative skills to be successful as a VA though.


Technology is the key to having an online business!

Client's need Virtual Assistants who understand and use the technology that runs their online business.

Here's the issue....

Where do you go to learn these skills?

Yes, some of the technology you can learn on your own, others... especially the ones high-end clients are looking for are not easily self taught.

Plus these are not necessarily the tools you would use in your VA business, which means how do you get access to them so you can learn?

Who wants to pay $200/month for Infusionsoft just to learn it?

If you're ready to learn the techie skills high-end clients are looking for then I encourage you to enroll in The VA School™ today!

The Techie Mentor

Hi, I'm Susan Mershon, The Techie Mentor™.

I'm a former "techie" virtual assistant of over 4 years earning six figures (by myself - not with a team) working with high-end clients. 

Yes, you can earn six figures if you have the technical skills high-end clients want & need.

How do I know?

Because business owners contact me weekly looking for skilled "techie" virtual assistants.

They come to me because I specialize in teaching Virtual Assistants the technology they need to support their clients and earn more money.

I've trained over 2,500 Virtual Assistants & Online Business Managers since 2013 through my technology bootcamps.

Give Yourself A Raise - Enroll In The VA School Today!


Double Or Even Triple Your Hourly Rates With Techie Skills! 

Techie Virtual Assistants can earn more than double or even triple what Administrative Virtual Assistants earn.

It's also much easier to package your services - which means you can cut the cord with that pesky timer.

So... what will your life look like with more money and more freedom?

  • have the freedom to quit your job
  • have the freedom to work when & where you want
  • have the money to travel or...
  • have more time to spend with your family
  • have the money to up-level your life

Introducing... The VA School
Your One Stop Shop For Techie Training

The VA School™ helps you stay on top of the ever changing world of technology. Clients look to you for advice on technology, be sure you have the skills you need to help them.

While you are an active member of the The VA School™, you will have access to our entire library of Technology training courses as well as access to monthly bonus webinars each month you remain an active member.

Plus, you get access to a course library that continues to grow to keep up with new technology.

There is currently over 40 hours of technology training in The VA School™ and you get access to all of it when you sign up!

Current Courses Include:

Infusionsoft Basics

Module #1: Packages & Processes  

Let's get started. This is where we create your packages & put processes into place.

Module #2: Infusionsoft Overview

Here is where we look at the 3 different pieces that make up Infusionsoft and how they all work together.

Module #3: All About Contacts, Templates, Tags & Broadcasts

We will dive into setting up Templates & Tags, adding Contacts and sending out Broadcasts.

Module #4: All About Products

Learn how to create Products, Order Forms & Shopping Cart Features

Module #5: Working with Web Forms & Optins using Campaign Builder

Learn how to set up Web Forms & Optins using the Campaign Builder.

Module #6: Let's Do A Mock Project

We will work together on a Mock Customer Project to include all of the things we've learned. This will help you get a solid understanding of what client's need and how to put them into practice.

Mastering 1ShoppingCart

Module #1: Packages & Processes  

Let's get started. This is where we create your packages & put processes into place.

Module #2: Project Management  

This is where we learn all the extras you need to know to offer 1ShoppingCart® as a service.

Module #3: Setup & Configuration

Here is where we start working in 1ShoppingCart® learning how to set it up and configure it for our clients.

Module #4: Templates, Auto-Responders & Broadcasts

Let's create auto-responders, send out broadcast messages and set up templates.

Module #5: Products, Categories & Coupons

Set up products, categories & coupons.

Module #6: Web Forms, Ad Trackers, Upsells

Learn how to create web forms, ad trackers and upsells to help clients track their sales & options.

Module #7: Taxes, Shipping & Store Fronts 

Set up taxes, shipping and even a Store Front!

Module #8: Affiliate Setup & Management

Help your clients set up and manage an Affiliate Program.

Mastering Teamwork Projects

Module #1: Getting Organized 

Let's get started. This is where we map out your systems & processes for managing clients, tasks & deadline! (Teams too)

Module #2: Setup  & Configuration

This is where we get into the nuts & bolts of Teamwork! We set up & configure it based on our systems & processes.

Module #3: Working with Tasks, Milestones, Time & Resources

Here is where we start setting up tasks, milestones, resources and more.

Module #4: Views, Invoicing & Reporting

This is where we learn how to invoice our clients and view the variety of reports.

Module #5: Working with Clients

In this module, we talk about how to get your clients using your Teamwork system.

Offer WordPress Services

Module #1: Packages & Processes  

Let's get started. This is where we create your packages & put processes into place.

Module #2: Project Management 101

This is where we learn all the extras you need to know to build WordPress Websites.

Module #3: Set up Development Site

Here is where we learn how to set up & configure a Development Site.

Modules #4 & 5: Using HTML & CSS

We cover basic HTML & CSS which is a must have skill!

Module #6: Let's Customize

Dive into customizing the theme, configuring plugins & more!

Module #7: Implement the Website

Here is where we implement the website on the client's site.

Build a WordPress Website

Module #1: Get Started

This is all the techie stuff you need to know. I promise I will make it pain free and easy for you to understand.

Module #2: Create Your Website

This is where the fun begins. We use your content to start creating your own website using your Practice Sandbox.

Module #3: All About Design

This is where your creativity shines. We cover creating a simple yet inviting design to attract your ideal clients. Make it your own with images, audio & video!

Module #4: Organize Your Content

This is where we add menus, sidebars and widgets to make it easy for your visitors to easily find what they need. Avoid confusion for your visitors!

Module #5: All About Plugins

Plugins are an easy way to add bells & whistles to your website. We will install and configure these to make your website more fun and flexible.

Module #6: Let's Start Blogging & Connect

This is where we start blogging and set up the tools to connect with Social Media! We want to drive traffic to your website and blogging is a great way to do that.

Module #7: Advanced Tips & Tricks

This is where I share advanced tips & tricks on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and maintaining your website. Learn how to maintain your site with ease!

Module #8: Install on Your Domain

This is where I take you through the steps of installing WordPress on your own website hosting server.  Learn how to move your project site to your own hosting site.

Mastering Convert Kit

Module #1: Introduction

Overview of Convert Kit and it's features.

Module #2: Subscribers, Tags & Segments

Learn how to add and import subscribers and work with Tags & Segments.

Module #3: Broadcasts & Templates

Learn how to create custom Templates and send out Broadcast Messages.

Module #4: All about Sequences

Learn how to create, set up and use Sequences and view their reports.

Module #5: Forms & Landing Pages

Learn how to create, customize and embed Forms & Landing Pages.

Module #6: Integrations & Triggers

Learn how to integrate several different tools with Convert Kit as well as use Rules and Triggers.

Module #7: Packaging Ideas

Learn different ways to package your Convert Kit knowledge and tips on offering it as a service.

Module #8: Mock Project

This module gives you instructions similar to what you would receive from a client. Great practice!

Working With LeadPages

Coming later in August 2016!

Mastering Mail Chimp

Coming later in August 2016!

I teach you how to use the technology, support your clients AND how to offer it as a service in your business.

Here Is How The VA School Works

  • 1

    It's A Monthly Membership Program - No Contract!

    No long term commitment needed. Learn what you need and cancel anytime. While you are an active member of the The VA School™, you will have access to our entire library of Technology training courses as well as access to monthly bonus webinars each month you remain an active member.

  • 2

    Includes Unlimited Access To Self Paced Technology Training

    You have access to the full library of training courses at your finger tips. Access them anytime you feel the need to learn 24x7 as long as you are an active member.

  • 3

    Keeps You On The Cutting Edge

    New topics will be added monthly as well as updates made to existing courses so you can stay on top of the ever changing world of technology.

  • 4

    Teaches You More Than Technology

    Yes, it's important to understand how technology works but it's just as important to understand how to offer it as a service in your business. And, how to help clients make the right technology decisions. I teach you technical, business and consulting skills in The VA School.


Here's What Is Included In The VA Kick-Start System

  • Access To The Programs

    We include access to Practice Sandboxes!

    Unlike many others who teach technology – we provide you with access to the tools we teach.

    It’s difficult to learn how to use technology without getting hands on practice time. Each program we teach includes access to the actual tool.

  • Resource Kits

    Done-for-you Templates, Checklists & How-To Documents.

    These invaluable resources help you easily digest the training and give you a ready-made “Toolkit” to get you started.

    Refer to the checklists when working through your processes or take one of the provided templates and make it your own.

  • Mock Projects

    Take what you learn & put it into practice.

    Each course includes a Mock Project at the end to test your knowledge and skills.

    We give you a specific set of instructions without telling you what or how to complete them. Just like a client will do!


  • Ongoing Support

    Get 1:1 access to me.

    I’m accessible and happy to help you!

    In our Private Facebook Group you don’t just have access to me – you have access to a community. Others who have been where are you and can help you get where you are going.

    Join our community of men & women sharing their journeys, struggles, successes & aha’s.

  • Monthly Office Hours Calls (Q&A)

    Live Q&A Calls for members only.

    If you get stuck, lost or overwhelmed the community & I will help you find your way.

    We have monthly Office Hours calls! These calls are designed to help you get the most out of the program & continue to support and mentor you on your journey.

    I’m here to support you!

  • New Content Monthly

    Stay on top of technology!

    New training and materials are released monthly as well as updates to existing materials.

    Learn a new program for yourself or one that your client needs!


Who Is This Program For?

This program is for new and established Virtual Assistants who want to work with high-end clients AND learn much needed technical skills.

I'm looking for individuals who are ready to take their life & business to the next level and are not afraid to do the work to get there.

You can live anywhere from the USA to Jamaica to The Philippines. This program works regardless of where you live!

This program is for you if you want:

  • More Money
  • More Clients
  • More Freedom & Fexibility
  • Everything You Need All In One Place
  • To Save Heartache & Sleepless Nights
  • To Get Serious About Making a Living
  • To Quit Your Job
  • To Work With High-End Clients
  • To Master Technology

Why Is It Different?

Why is this program different than others?

  • I teach based on experience, not based on something I learned in a book. I built a successful VA business from scratch and I teach only what I know gets results.
  • There is no hype or fluff! I break down everything into clear & concise steps that you can take action on immediately.
  • We give you access to the tools you are learning in our Practice Sandboxes.
  • It's a fun community.
  • Everything you need in one place to stay on top of technology.
  • I teach you more than the tools, I teach you how to offer it as a service, troubleshoot and consult with your clients.
  • Monthly membership program that you can cancel at anytime!

Look What Other People Had to Say...

Yvonne Quinn, Quinn's

This is the second techie course that I've completed and I'm looking forward to starting another one. Susan's training method is very easy to follow and it fits easily into a busy schedule. Although the training is technical, it's explained in plain English. I'd definitely recommend the Techie Mentor's training courses.

Tyler Montoya, Enhance Virtual Assistance

Prior to starting the Infusionsoft Basics Intensive course, I had only dabbled and fumbled my way around the program. I have learned so much from this course and would recommend this to any VA looking to develop an expertise and grow their VA business. Susan has done a great job incorporating, not only how to operate within the software, but also how to package the service for clients. I appreciate that she shares the wisdom she has gained with years of experience with this product and in the VA world. This has been a valuable experience and I am already looking forward to taking the advanced class! Thanks, Susan, for offering valuable, affordable educational opportunities!

Gail Marks, Gail Marks Virtual Services

Susan is a great teacher. I never thought I would be able to do this myself, but with Susan's teaching and helpful information I was able to build my website and learn how to offer that service to others. This investment in my business was well worth my time and money.

Tracey Preater, Online Office Services Ltd

An intense but detailed and easy to follow course. The sandbox is invaluable and being able to go back and practise the new skills over and over is such a relief. I have learnt so much that I am confident enough to offer Infusionsoft services. Thank you to The Techie Mentor.

Sarah Banks, Banks' Business Solutions

Another well put together course from Susan, I had a basic knowledge of WordPress before taking this bootcamp. I have come away with the confidence to take on bigger WordPress projects for my clients.

I completed my first big project alongside the last few classes and found this a great way to develop my skills.

Thank you again Susan, I would highly recommend all your courses.

Amy Klous, The Amylia Group

I'm a few months in to my Marketing VA business and this bootcamp came at the perfect time because it's a complementary service to the marketing services I offer! While working through this bootcamp I built my website and became more confident in my WordPress skills and began selling my services while networking. The bootcamp just finished this week and I have three new clients needing WordPress websites!

Part of this bootcamp will help you put together your packages to sell your services. That was so helpful for me because it makes it easier to sell and customers to understand. I downloaded all of the materials and webinars to refer back to.

Susan's style of teaching makes things really easy to understand and it's very practical, which I like. The bootcamp is affordable and pays for itself and more after one sale! I'm looking forward to my next bootcamp with The Techie Mentor!

Here's What You Get When Join Today!

  • Monthly Office Hours (Q&A Calls)

    Bring your questions to our monthly Office Hours to get the help and direction you need to succeed. This is part of your life time access!

  • Unlimited Technology Training

    You have access to the entire library of technology training courses. And new ones are added every month!

  • A Fun & Supportive Community

    Join a fun & supportive community of Virtual Assistants who are like minded and are on their own VA journey.

  • 24x7 Access - Self Paced Training

    Access the course materials at anytime from anywhere all based on your schedule.

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